Thoughts of a mother when the kids go to bed.

A bad day.

Pick up all the toys off the floor one more time for the day, you made it Momma you’re gonna be OK.

I know you’re stuck thinking about all the things you could have done better.

All the things you missed, or opportunities to teach them something or show them the value or just expand on life but it’s hard and that’s OK. Don’t let the Mom Guilt. Swallow you.

So, maybe you yelled a little too much today or maybe you got frustrated when any other day you wouldn’t of. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom, it just means you had a bad day.

We’re human, whether we want to admit it or not. Just because we’re a mom doesn’t mean we don’t have a fuse that can be blown, it doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna have a bad day yourself.

So today didn’t go as planned and maybe bedtime was rough. Maybe nothing went right, the dishes are still in the sink, and the toys are on the floor and just getting dressed felt like a fight.

But maybe we don’t have to look at it this way, maybe we don’t have to look at a bad day is a bad day. Maybe it’s time we change the narrative, and realize that a bad day can have good teaching moments. Can set foundations for healthy emotionally well-rounded children.

Instead of looking at it as we didn’t do the dishes or clean the kitchen after dinner. We’re showing our children that sometimes things are more important than making sure things are spic and span. Spending time with them comes before doing the dishes, comes before cleaning the kitchen.

That having emotion and feeling anger or frustration. That sometimes being overwhelmed is normal. No we don’t have to yell at our children. God I wish I didn’t sometimes, but they’re learning that emotion is normal. If we show healthy ways to deal with having a bad day, then it won’t impact your child badly, it shows them how to deal with these bigger feelings.

Take that opportunity don’t look at it as completely negative, because at the end of the day every single thing we do impacts our kids. Whether we want it to or not, and that’s scary. However, it is the reality of being a parent.

A good day.

Bedtime already I can’t believe it, smooth sailing and happy faces they make you wish the time stood still.

To just have five more extra minutes, to hold them a little longer to hear them giggle a little louder.

The days that reassure you, you are a good mom and you’re doing something right. That all the bad days are worth it because it’s the days like this, that show you how amazing and wonderful motherhood is.

The days that make you excited to wake up tomorrow to be able to do it all again. Not to say that you’re not happy with your children on the bad days, but when the good days are good in motherhood. Man are they ever good.

So you go to bed yourself you don’t worry about how you did today because you know you did OK.

Now hold onto that.

Whether you’re consumed by mom guilt, or you feel like mom of the year come bedtime. You’re still an amazing mom, and you’re always going to worry how we are doing because we care. We feel joy and pride in our children, and some times question our parenting because we love them.

The bad days don’t have to feel so bad, and the good days should absolutely be celebrated. Bad day or good day ultimately it’s our decision to decide. If we’re going to take the bad day and use it as an opportunity to teach our children important life skills, or if we’re going to let it eat us alive.

So rest easy mama you still taught them the things, you were still there. And if you ask me you just being there, you just being their mom. Taking care of them that makes this a good day.

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