Having three girls.

Three out of four of my beautiful babies happen to be girls. So to say my house is full of sass is an understatement.

I always pictured having a little girl when I thought about my life. Someone just like me with a twist of her own.. Well I got three and my sweet boy.

Now quick disclaimer I am not just “complaining” or going on about how having so many girls is a “drag” or that I favour one over the others. Just speaking on my experience with having three girls.


So. Much. Glitter.

Every where all the time. We haven’t opened a tube of glitter, glitter glue, or glitter slime in my house in months.


Any craft that’s geared towards girls. Glitter. Any project or outside activities if it doesn’t come with glitter it’s made with the stuff embedded into it. But best bet it’s going to rub off on everything and everyone.

I’ve come to except that this is my life. And probably will be for the foreseeable future. Just glitter.

Everything is pink.

Toys, bed spreads, clothes. Everything, and if it’s not pink it’s some shade of purple, and something some where on it will be pink. But if your lucky enough to find not pink. It will have either;

  • Butterflies
  • Unicorns
  • Rainbows
  • Or cats

There’s really no in between and if by luck you do find something not pink or covered in the list above there a good chance there’s some slogan, or phrase written over the front. I mean not to say you can’t find anything else. However, if you have girls you know how hard it is find.

There’s many times I will grab something from the boys section for the girls, because it offers a wider variety of colours. There’s also the point of if my three-year-old tells me she wants a dinosaur shirt damn right I’m getting her a dinosaur shirt even if it come from the boy section.

The gender Assumptions.

One thing I’ve really noticed is the assumptions people seem to have in regards to my children’s gender aligning with the amount we have.

So as I previously stated I four children; Three girls and one boy. The order in which they were born goes girl, boy, girl, girl.

Now seems pretty normal and nothing to make a fuss over right? Apparently not. Because I get “wouldn’t it have been great if the baby was a boy then there would be to of each”. Oh and don’t forget “did you try for another boy and end up with a girl?”

I’m not one to nit pick however, why does it matter the gender of our kids. Why does, how many of each we have matter? What is with this idea that we wanted our youngest to be a boy.

While I’m at it, why is it that people feel the need to say to my husband “It must suck having so many girls in the house.” And “Aren’t you afraid he’ll turn out gay because he has so many sisters.


I wouldn’t normally speak in the behalf of my husband. And I won’t. So I asked him these questions myself. (because I hear him get asked it constantly I may as well ask him myself)

Why people ask I will never understand but at the end of the day, our family is OUR family no one else needs to say, or ask anything.

It doesn’t matter how many boys or girls we have, it doesn’t matter who they grow up and love. We love our kids for who they are and always will.

In the end

I feel beyond lucky to have all my children, yes girls are a little extra sassy. I’m a little afraid of the teenage years, and I’m hoping I can set the best example I can as a women for my girls.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what they are or who they choose to be. It wouldn’t matter if I had all boys or all girls. What matters is they are all happy, healthy, and thriving.

If you ask me we do have the perfect mix of both.

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