You aren’t a bad mom.

It’s more and more common these days for women to open up about the struggles they are having as a mother. It is absolutely brilliant, and the type of progress that we as women need to know we aren’t alone in our struggles.

However, there seems to be a sad reality to this. And that is as much as women are finally at a point they feel they can talk openly. It is so often followed by “am I a bad mom” or “I feel like such a bad mom”.

It’s these moments that you are stuck questioning your entire self worth and abilities as a parent that can destroy you from the inside.

Being worried your a bad mom, is a pretty good sign you aren’t one.

Sounds a little redundant I know.

But, really. If you are worried you are not a good mother, than there’s a mighty big chance you are constantly trying for your children.

That you are looking for way to make yourself, better, their lives better. That you are aware, and can acknowledge when thing are right, or in need of change. If you were not a good mother?

You wouldn’t care about that.

Not wanting to constantly play with your your children, does not make you a bad mom.

Now I’m by no means saying you shouldn’t play with your kids ever, but there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to ALL THE TIME.

It is okay to not get down on the floor and play with them, it’s okay to watch them play. While you drink your coffee, or get other things done. Yes, playing with your kids is extremely important.

So is letting them play independently, and you being able to enjoy a moment in the day. There’s no shame on not wanting to join in all the activities, games, and things. Sometimes it’s okay just sit on the side and watch.

Just because you don’t make everything from scratch or don’t buy all organic. Doesn’t mean your kids aren’t eating well.

Cooking from scratch is great. I personally make most of our meals and treats this way. But not because it’s “better”, but because I like to cook/bake and have the kids join me.

A balanced meal is a balanced meal.

Wether you season the meat yourself or it comes already seasoned in a package, or you make the dough yourself or buy it ready to cook. It doesn’t matter.

As long as most of the time you are trying to get them to eat all the necessary foods, their little bodies and yours need. Who cares if one night you make hot dog, store bought chicken nuggets, or order a pizza? Constancy makes more of a difference then once and a while.

They get hurt, and sometimes nothing you do is going to stop that.

Now I will be the first to say, I can be a bit of a “helicopter mom”. Especially when it came to my first. The first two years of her life I did everything in my power to make sure she didn’t get a scratch, bump or bruise.

Guess what? This was honestly futile she turned out to be the clumsiest child I’ve ever met. She will be 7 in July, and has had stitches twice now. Why? Because kids are going to do, what kids do.

The first time she fell down our stairs, and the second she tripped out the door on her way to school. Could these things have been prevented? Maybe, I mean we told her 1000 times we don’t be silly on the stairs. And maybe we could have told her to slow down on the way out the door.

However, kids are kids. They’re rough, they’re always on the go, and when they’re little they don’t always pay attention. All we can do is give them to tools, and try and teach them to be careful. (Obviously not put them in dangerous situations) But, we need to except the fact sometimes they might get hurt.

Not wanting to be touched or hold someone 24/7 is okay.

Ever heard of being “touched out”. It’s a real thing a lot of stay at home parents go through. Sometimes we get to a point in the day when we’ve held children non-stop, had someone climbing up us, tugging on our clothing, or just in our lap. (This happens even if you try to go to the bathroom)

Just like how a parent can get burnt out, you get touched out. You just don’t want to be touched or hold anyone anymore that day. It happens it’s okay.

Remember just because you’re having a moment you don’t want to be touched, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your children. It doesn’t mean you don’t love being a parent it simply means you’ve been overstimulated and just need a few moments of time to rest. THAT IS OKAY.

In the end

I can’t stop you from experiencing Mom Guilt or tell you have Cook with your kids. What I can tell you is that you are a good mom for trying your hardest. And you shouldn’t ever let’s Things someone says make you feel any sort of why. After all No one can tell you how to feel.

You got this momma,

Pick your head up, I believe in you and the amazing mother you are.

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One thought on “You aren’t a bad mom.

  1. Love this! Mom guilt is real and even if people still experience it at least there’s the fact that they know they’re not alone. Sometimes it’s good to have someone who can relate! These are all great tips though! Sometimes much needed especially as a reminder


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