Going out with four kids in tow.

Now if you read that and thought wow that doesn’t sound like a very easy task. Well, my friend, you would be right. It’s not exactly easy, it can be downright exhausting. But it has to be done, there’s not always the opportunity to go while the bigger ones are in school, or simply because it’s nice to go out altogether.

The “easier” outtings.

Now when it comes to things like groceries that’s a two-cart kind of occasion (unless we find a one with two seats up top) , most times anyway. Baby and the grocery items in one, the toddler, the diaper bag, and if we go when the bigger kids aren’t in school then we will also have a child on the back of one and more than likely in the buggy part of the cart the toddler is also in. When this is the case there is always so many “oh you have your hands full, looks like your busy” comments so this also means a lot of polite smiles and annoyed sighs coming from this mom.

I can’t lie some days when we all go out it defiantly feels like people stare as if we are some sort of side attraction at the local fair. I do understand this, to a certain point. I mean yes, okay fine take in the entail shock factor we have four kids, that’s fine. It seems to be less and less common these days for people to have such large families. But really at the end of the day, it’s just a family walking through a Walmart, it’s not that exciting.

The bigger outings.

At first, they were scary I can’t lie, really it felt like such a big, chaotic, out of the realm of my capability thing. However, both my husband and I both knew we had to learn, and we had to learn quickly. Because well once the fourth baby came, we didn’t exactly have a choice but to learn.

Things like the park, we have down. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. We go for parks that are gated, aren’t surrounded by trees, have a large field, and can areas where both the toddler and big kids can play. (The baby isn’t quite big enough yet.) that way even though, yes, we are outnumbered, we can still keep track of them all. It feels like your head is spinning sometimes. Especially when you’re constantly doing a headcount. I swear I probably spend more time counting the kids when were are at the park than anything else just making sure they are all still there and accounted of. And it’s even worse when my husband is at work and I take them myself.

Basically, we had to figure out a system.

When it comes to any outing with all four of the kids. When it’s all four kids my husband and myself the system is much easier. He basically keeps his eyes on the big ones I keep my eyes on the smaller ones and we switch off from time to time. He always gets the baby in the car while I convince the toddler to get in her car seat while the big ones just know the drill and can get in their booster seats by themselves (thank goodness for that!)

When it comes to bigger outings, like the zoo for example. We always bring the stroller for the baby and the wagon. This way the toddler has a place to sit and so will one of the bigger kids if they need a bit of a rest as well. This also makes it a lot easier to carry around all the things we need so an outing.

Speaking of things for an outing, we did ditch the traditional diaper and went for a backpack style. Because there are four children. A bigger diaper bag was needed; however, I didn’t want to be lugging around what would feel like a duffle bag with the space we needed. I would highly recommend this style to any parent that is switching up the diaper bag, not only does it have more space, but it’s also way easier on my back. Or I should say my husband’s back because he is the one that will carry it most of the time.

In the end,

It really comes down to finding the simple things to make taking all four kids out and about less stressful and still enjoyable. Just because we have four of them to tag along with us doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the opportunity or abilities to do the things.

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