The One That Made You A Mother.

There’s something about the first child. The one that made you a mom, the one who forever changes our lives, and turns us into Moms. There will always be such a special place in our hearts for that child. Not in a sense of “you love them more” or any of that nonsense. But simply a place in which they helped shape us into a who will be as a mother.

Yes, the ones that come along after the first definitely also help shape you. But, in the beginning when you first become a mother. Your entire world changes, no matter how much you prepare yourself for motherhood it’s not until you are in it. Until you are a mom and have that first child. Do you learn just how much the first child impacts you as a person.

From the moment you find out you are pregnant;

You learn a whole new perception of love. How strong you can feel the overwhelming dedication to make sure you protect, love, and give another person all the things in the world you can.

The first child will teach you so much more than you could even imagine. They are the one that will teach you, that you are capable of the hard things. The moments in time you feel like you can’t move forward. That child will be in your mind, your arms, or your eyesight. Reminding you that you can and will get through the hard times. Because once you have the first child there is a fire that will be set inside you. A drive that will have you set; to be everything and anything you can be for that child. (And all that may come after them.)

They say that your first child is like a “trail” run, a learning curve.

And while I’m not sure if those are the words I would use for it or exactly what words I would put in that place. I can not agree more, in the sense that:

When you do find out you are pregnant with that first child, your mindset shifts. You start to in a way- live for that child, yes in pregnancy it may not be quite as much as once the baby is here and in your arms. But, it starts when you find out. Between Dr’s appointments, find the right time and place to tell those in your life. Adjusting all that needs to before the baby comes, and the overall preparation that having a baby entails. It can, and very probably will consume you. (now I am not saying this in a negative light at all.)

The first child: The one that makes you a mom. Brings so much joy, love, and light into your life. However, I think we do need to talk about the real sometimes overwhelming heavy feeling of fear, anxiety, and complete unknown that is. Becoming a mother for the first time.

Having a baby is… Scary.

Now I don’t mean like watching a horror movie cuddle under the blanket peaking through the side scary. I mean, there is SO MUCH you can learn, and still feel like you know nothing about having kids. There are articles, papers, blog posts, Facebook groups, and Twitter threads every place has something that will “Tell you everything about babies and parenting” and you will still feel like you do not know enough, or that your child doesn’t fit into this category or that one.

The thing is until your child is here. In your arms, living day-to-day life with you. You won’t know what things apply to them. What “master tips” will be the ones that work or won’t work. That’s okay, because if I can tell you anything: It’s that trying to learn all there is to know about babies before they come is only going to make things seem scarier, harder, more overwhelming, and maybe even make you question what you do already know about babies, parenting, motherhood and what YOU want to try and do.

Yes, there are absolutely things you can look into

Read, and even study about regarding babies, kids, parenting, childbirth all of that. However, ingesting all the information you can, may end up doing much less good than you had originally hoped. (I do understand there are people out there who do find comfort in reading every known material to mankind when they are going to do something they don’t know and this may be a situation that doesn’t apply to them)

The first child is a time you probably will worry, and you can’t help it I’m not going to sit here and say “you are never going worried if you choose not to” I mean I am a mother of four. There are times and situations I worry about, there are things I worry about maybe too much. Or that other moms wouldn’t bat an eye at. It happens, especially with your first. That whole situation of it being your first, everything is new and unknown there are many things you are going to worry about because well it’s your first baby you are now in charge of a whole human loving them, taking care of them, keeping them alive, helping them grow into their own person. I mean, one could argue it would be in concerning if we just never worried at all.

All in all.

The one that makes you a mother, the first sweet baby, maybe even your only. They will always hold a place in your heart that everything that helped shaped you into a the mom that you are, and ever evolving into. They hold the first memories of being momma, mommy, and mom. They are the first, they are an amazing wonderful, perfect little gift from of life that you get to help grow into their own person.

(Of course this also stands for all the others as well, but like I said the first is the first. Doesn’t mean you love them anymore, but just like how all of them hold a special place that just there’s.)

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