So many personalities in one house.

Four kids, two adults. That’s a lot of people, a lot of very different personalities. To say our house is full of personality clashes is an understatement. But, it’s our home it’s just the day-to-day theme of our life. It’s bound to happen that not every personality is going to match another, and when you have a big family people aren’t always going to match perfectly. I know I didn’t always match my sibling’s personalities growing up.

I thought it would be fun to talk about the different personalities in my home so that another no might feel a little less stressed knowing their house isn’t the only one, whereas much as we know no child is the same. Your children can be extreme polar opposites of one another.

The oldest.

She most definitely has the drive, the work ethic, and the leadership skills to rule the world one day. This alongside her sweet caring and very empathic soul she is. Has created a perfect textbook example of the oldest sibling.

As you could imagine this, drives her other siblings sup the wall. But, she brings that structure and leader way that so many oldest siblings are just naturally born with.

My second oldest child.

He is…the complete opposite. He is a complete free spirit, rolls with anything that needs no planning, no warning happy to just do what he does or whatever he is told it’s time to do. He’s much rougher and willing to try something and then after the fact think about the potential outcomes that could also happen.

Now this sometimes drives us all up the wall, however, this is also the most amazing part of his personality. It brings so much joy and wonders into our home, because it brings us a new outlook on things and that things don’t always have to be perfectly planned out.

The third.. the toddler.

When I say she has the biggest personality, I have ever met in a person. I mean it, she is so outgoing and wants to be heard. She isn’t afraid to speak her little thoughts and feelings. It can be a lot, and understandably so the other kids can find this to be a little overwhelming.

This has opened up a new wave of thinking for my children though. It made them very much more aware, and open to hearing how other people are thinking and feeling because the toddler wants to always share. It’s one thing for us (my husband and I) to say, “Hey it’s okay to let your feelings out” but it’s a whole other, to see that in action and to fully understand that it really is okay.

The baby.

Well, she is a baby we are still learning her personality, but so far she is just a happy bubbly little lady that lights up our home. And reminds us all to laugh at silly things, and that love is pure.

In every home;

Every family there is always going to be so many different personalities and they are not always going to get along. There are going to be times that this causes arguments because someone doesn’t want to do it the way the other does, or because one doesn’t understand the other. In the same breath, all the different personalities can make your family see things in different lights. think In other ways, you can and feel in ways different than the way you are used to.

If one is always worried and needs to have everything perfectly planned out and on schedule. And one that is a free spirit who always goes with the flow. They can teach each other how to find some construct, and learn how to go with the flow. It’s truly an amazing thing to be able to look at your children and see how incredibly different they all are. how they are all their own person, with their own thoughts, and systems, and how as much as they can get under each other’s skin, they are also helping each other grow into the best versions of themself.

It’s part of being a parent that we don’t often talk about but we need to remember just how fortunate we are to have this opportunity to watch and be part of it.

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