Hustle culture.

How many times in your life have you heard “you gotta hustle if you want to get anywhere?” “you just have to work harder” “you can just make the time” “we all have the same 24 hours in a day” and all those other “helpful” pushes – as if it’s supposed to help you hustle harder or get you to go harder for your goal.

I will take a wild guess and say a good handful of times.

Why am I so sure of it? -Because the world we now live in, acts as if that hustle culture is the only way to live. People act as if you need to have at least 3 or more things going on in your life on top of the normal day-to-day life that happens regardless.

The biggest thing that comes to mind is that meme I see all over social media that says something along the lines of “you need three hobbies, one that makes you money, one that’s for your health, and one that grows your mind.” But don’t forget the accounts this post style of meme also will also tell you: that you also need to be drinking your water, and have a full and “perfect” morning/night routine. A 6-7 day a week workout routine, a diet that you follow, flawless social media presents, a good sense of style, a social life and it goes on.

Let’s be real. NO ONE has that kind of time, and if they do? Well, I am going to go out on a limb here and say they are probably social media influencers, more than likely within the realm of “lifestyle” – acting as if this is obtainable for the average person. Now I say average because I’m sure there is the outlier out there who has all their shit together all the time.

Are they giving up quality time for hustle time? Or do they just have exceptional time management?

But I digress, so many of us out there don’t.

My friend and I were walking our kids to school together just chatting about life, when I mentioned how my knee was hurting me and I was worried that I might have somehow hurt it while I was running. It was her response that really took me aback and made my mind go on an entire tangent, not because she said anything rude or off-putting. She said, “I keep thinking I really need to get into something”. Which led to us talking about how anyone finds the time for all the things in a day.

Now, I get it at first that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Why would I be stuck on something so simply put? If she wants to get into something she should. (yes, absolutely I agree I think she should if she wants to, I want to see my friend do all the things she wants to do if they will bring her joy)

HOWEVER. This is a huge issue I see all the time among us mothers (and yes, all people in general.) As I stated above, hustle culture is ramped, always going on about how stay-at-home moms need to have a side hustle or have a perfect routine. Make everything from scratch, or be able to do all the housework, and childcare, oh and don’t forget to have a banging body dressed as if they stepped out of Pinterest. (No shade to getting outfit ideas from Pinterest because I too go searching there for outfit ideas.)

I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim to do things if you want to, you want to get a “side hustle” do it, you want to start a YouTube channel because you can do it!(one of my favourite creators on there is a small channel and I don’t know how that momma find the time but she does Mommy brain and coffee if you want to check her out!) Work on that routine or build that body you want to. More power to you, hell I will cheer you on while you do it. The thing is though, we so often feel like we have to do these things.

Yes, you should have a day-to-day routine, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Life isn’t perfect we cant make a routine perfect.

You want to find an at-home job, or some sort of hustle you can do in the space of time in the day you can. Please do if that makes you happy. But not because some one on social media made you feel like you have too.

You want to start a workout routine to better your mental, or physical health. Go off bestie I wish you all the health and happiness. But, don’t give into that pressure rod feeling like you have to look some type of way.

But please, do not expect all these things out of yourself when your life already has things that fill you with joy, fill your time, and that you would have to push aside just to feel like you’re “hustling” your life in the right way.

Don’t play into the false narrative that is fed threw social media claiming that if you aren’t working your ass off all the time you aren’t doing enough. There is not a single thing wrong with just enjoying a simple life. You don’t have to have a second stream of income, you don’t have to have a “blog-worthy” routine or a life that would be good to watch on YouTube. We don’t live in Instagram stories. What we see on all these accounts that we’ve idolized as “the ideal life” because they’ve worked their ass off to have “the perfect life”. Probably aren’t showing all their life, or are leaving a lot out that they may struggle with. Not all of us have “pockets of time” to make money from our phones and hustle for that “extra income”.

Because let’s be real for a minute.

Their lives aren’t always that interested, they probably don’t always look so flawless. Some days they wake up late too, a “perfect morning/nighttime routine” varies from person to person. There is no one size fits all, they’re routine isn’t going to be the same as yours because you are not them, and they have a show to put on for social media. (Not that they may not actually do these things, but personally I don’t think all of them ALWAYS do ALL those things every day.) Nor do I as a mother, like so many other moms have any “extra time” -that we are willing to give up anyways because hello sanity- to “hustle”. My downtime is my downtime. just like your downtime, is yours. If you choose to hustle with it. That’s okay.

But just know it’s okay not to.

Its okay to enjoy doing nothing, or to just live a simple life that works for you, if you feel like it. Or because I just wanted to today kind of life. You’re not a highlight reel don’t let the Hustle culture of social media make you feel like you need to be living any other way than how YOU want.

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2 thoughts on “Hustle culture.

  1. Oh wow wow!thank you so much for such insight. You know as i was reading i felt like you already knew how fatigued and guilty i feel for not being able to do it all and i had finally accepted last week that its just not possible to do it all. Maybe if you do not have children yet, yes it is possible but really as a mother its a season for raising children and losing quality time with them may not be worth it at all.

    Thanks mommy❤💯


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