Routine, schedule, repeat.

I think I’ve gotten as close to a fine-tuned way of running my household as I can because you know chaos is unpredictable and we live there… But for the time being, we have it “figured out”. As the kids grow the flow of the household will also have to change. Which is fine… It’sContinue reading “Routine, schedule, repeat.”

Sometimes I lie to my kids.

Now before you come at me with your pitchforks ready, I have yet to meet a single parent who does not lie to their children about somethings. We do it to keep them safe, protect their feelings or beliefs, or simply because we don’t want to share something, so we lie about it. (If youContinue reading “Sometimes I lie to my kids.”

Don’t invite us… there’s a good chance we aren’t coming.

Okay, okay. I know that probably sounds a little rude to just flat out say, and without any context it most definitely is. That doesn’t mean for everything, or to everyone who invites us to do things or to their home. (Depending on the Covid restrictions at time of invite) But let’s just take aContinue reading “Don’t invite us… there’s a good chance we aren’t coming.”

What the hell is even “self-care” ?

You’ve heard it, we all have. “Oh you just need a little self-care” or “what’s your self-care routine?” As a mother of four. I find this laughable, seriously? Self-care? You think I’ve got the time to pull out some elaborate, self-care face mask, bubble bath, extravaganza once a week? Now in my personal opinion, self-careContinue reading “What the hell is even “self-care” ?”

Things someone with kids doesn’t want to hear… Seriously.

We have all heard one or more from time to time. Most of us, just simply give a half ass laugh and smile, move on with our day. To inevitably hear something else. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s other moms out there too. But, sometimes those words get stuck in my brain andContinue reading “Things someone with kids doesn’t want to hear… Seriously.”