To all the moms out there

To all the moms out there. I see you; I see you on your hard days, trying to keep it all together. Trying to be the calm amongst the storm. When you want to break down and cry; because as hard as a bad it’s been for your children. It’s been hard for you too.Continue reading “To all the moms out there”

How to lose your “Mom pouch”-a statement I’m so tired of hearing.

You see it on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, “HOW TO LOSE YOUR MOM POUCH IN TWO WEEKS” “DO THIS 3 TIMES A DAY TO LOSE THAT EXTRA BABY WEIGHT” and so on. I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of it, social media has made it so taboo to have extra skin,Continue reading “How to lose your “Mom pouch”-a statement I’m so tired of hearing.”

What to get her for Mothers day (and every other day too)

I would love to sit here and tell you what absolutely perfect material object to buy. One you could run down to your closest mall and pick up, or order of good old Amazon. But this is not that, this is something not even for mothers day. It is for every day. Just a littleContinue reading “What to get her for Mothers day (and every other day too)”

But you’re a mom.

For some reason in the world we live in as soon and someone finds out a women is pregnant. It’s as if they are all of a sudden looked at as a whole new entity. People go from looking at you as helpful, and capable to this delicate flower that will crumble From wind. OnceContinue reading “But you’re a mom.”

You aren’t a bad mom.

It’s more and more common these days for women to open up about the struggles they are having as a mother. It is absolutely brilliant, and the type of progress that we as women need to know we aren’t alone in our struggles. However, there seems to be a sad reality to this. And thatContinue reading “You aren’t a bad mom.”

Having three girls.

Three out of four of my beautiful babies happen to be girls. So to say my house is full of sass is an understatement. I always pictured having a little girl when I thought about my life. Someone just like me with a twist of her own.. Well I got three and my sweet boy.Continue reading “Having three girls.”

All the little things.

I talk very openly about parenting and life. I try to be be extremely raw and real for those who read so no one feels alone. To let those know who are also feeling this way, that their feelings are valid. I do understand that this to some; who may not have children, or haveContinue reading “All the little things.”