Unsolicited parenting advice.

People always want to tell you what’s best for you and you’re family. But at the end of the day you know your family best, you don’t have to take any advice that doesn’t serve you purpose.

Streamlining day to day life.

As a mother of four, to say there’s a lot for me to do in a day is an understatement. From housework, caring for the children, and cooking all the meals. It can get a bit overwhelming and tedious. So over time, I started to find a way to make things a bit easier forContinue reading “Streamlining day to day life.”

How I get anything done with 4 kids.

My kids are like adorable little shadows every where I go, it’s cute but it can make things difficult that’s for sure. This is how I get anything done with all four of my kids.

Two under two

About to have a baby when your first isn’t even 2 yet, lost and don’t know what to expect? Life is about to feel brand new again, but you can make it through.

Things no one tells you when having kids.

You pee on plastic stick it turns up positive and your whole world changes. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who has ever been pregnant. (or a parent in general for that matter) 1000 things will run through your mind at lightening speed. Some good thoughts, some worrying ones. But, it is that moment you becomeContinue reading “Things no one tells you when having kids.”

The golden chaos.

It’s 7am, the baby has been up for hours, and you got puked on once again. The big kids are asking what’s for breakfast, along with 100 other things, you’re still trying to pack lunches for school because you were just to tired last night. Oh and that shower you put off to sleep insteadContinue reading “The golden chaos.”