How I get anything done with 4 kids.

My kids are like adorable little shadows every where I go, it’s cute but it can make things difficult that’s for sure. This is how I get anything done with all four of my kids.

Stay at home mom: The not so bright side.

Stop and breathe you are not alone, you are not a bad mom for not seeing sunshines and rainbows in every corner of being a stay at home mom. So let’s talk being a stay at home mom and the not so bright side.

Two under two

About to have a baby when your first isn’t even 2 yet, lost and don’t know what to expect? Life is about to feel brand new again, but you can make it through.

Things no one tells you when having kids.

You pee on plastic stick it turns up positive and your whole world changes. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who has ever been pregnant. (or a parent in general for that matter) 1000 things will run through your mind at lightening speed. Some good thoughts, some worrying ones. But, it is that moment you becomeContinue reading “Things no one tells you when having kids.”