Journaling: How to start and stick to it.

As someone who has now been journaling daily for a few months, I can tell you that getting started can be hard. I can not tell you how many times in the past I have told myself, “I am going to start Journalling I’m going to do this, be that type of person.” But itContinue reading “Journaling: How to start and stick to it.”

How I get anything done with 4 kids.

My kids are like adorable little shadows every where I go, it’s cute but it can make things difficult that’s for sure. This is how I get anything done with all four of my kids.

Stay at home mom: The not so bright side.

Stop and breathe you are not alone, you are not a bad mom for not seeing sunshines and rainbows in every corner of being a stay at home mom. So let’s talk being a stay at home mom and the not so bright side.

Two under two

About to have a baby when your first isn’t even 2 yet, lost and don’t know what to expect? Life is about to feel brand new again, but you can make it through.

The golden chaos.

It’s 7am, the baby has been up for hours, and you got puked on once again. The big kids are asking what’s for breakfast, along with 100 other things, you’re still trying to pack lunches for school because you were just to tired last night. Oh and that shower you put off to sleep insteadContinue reading “The golden chaos.”

Routine, schedule, repeat.

I think I’ve gotten as close to a fine-tuned way of running my household as I can because you know chaos is unpredictable and we live there… But for the time being, we have it “figured out”. As the kids grow the flow of the household will also have to change. Which is fine… It’sContinue reading “Routine, schedule, repeat.”