The golden chaos.

It’s 7am, the baby has been up for hours, and you got puked on once again. The big kids are asking what’s for breakfast, along with 100 other things, you’re still trying to pack lunches for school because you were just to tired last night. Oh and that shower you put off to sleep instead last night, you know the one you said you’d take this morning? Yeah, it’s not happening.

You look around and the house looks as if you had some sort of party last night that you dont remember throwing. But, hey there’s that sippy cup you were looking for… Three days ago.

I invite you to just breathe for a moment.

There’s a lot going on no one can deny that, I mean you can see it. If someone walked into the house right now, I’m sure you’d feel like you have to explain yourself and the state of your home. But you don’t have to. This is, golden chaos.

You’re probably thinking I’m off my rocker, what’s so wonderful about a house that’s a mess and children who are acting like they’ve been downing pixie sticks as if their lives depended on it?

All of it.

that’s what’s wonderful.

It can be so hard to look at everything that’s happening around you, to see through the noise and the mess to see what’s going on.

You’re house is being lived in. You’re children are exploring and learning, memories are being made. (Maybe a couple headaches for you too). Life is not meant to be, clean all the time. It’s not supposed to always be quiet and well-kept at every moment.

Now, I’m not telling you to let go of trying to keep your house clean and throwing all rules you have in place at home out the window. What I am saying is that we so often only see the negative in things. That we look at the mess and see just that. That we hear the kids going on and on and getting overwhelmed is the response.

But what if we don’t?

If only her little tea pot had some coffee in it for me.

What if instead of seeing a mess we sit down on the floor and ask “what’s the game? How can I play too?” Because it might surprise you when you find out that all the stuff piled into the corner beside the couch is a baby doll’s house and each thing has a purpose. Or all the book stacked in a pile is a mountain for the monster trucks to drive up and down. Yes, sometimes kids can make an impressive mess for absolutely no purpose at all. But more often than not, there’s a reason and your child may just want you to partake in what ever thing they’re playing is.

Anyone else kids love to sing? At the top of their lungs for an absurd amount of time? Yeah mine too. However, I’ve the last few years, I have learned that it’s a whole heck of a lot easier to just sing along with them. Rather than tell them to quiet down or take it somewhere else in the house. (Of course there are times I need them to be a little quieter but sometimes being loud is just fun)

I’ve even found making songs for things we need to do through out the day makes them enjoy it much more. Or singing ones from Coco melon because those guys have a song for everything. Getting my two year olds winter stuff on became a lot easier when we started to sing Coco meloms “Yes, Yes, Yes” while getting her ready.

As for the 100 questions a minute kids seem to have.

They’re learning, and they want to keep learning. We often forget that kids know “pretty much nothing” other than what we have taught them. Not to say you’re child isn’t brilliant. I’m sure they are, but what I’m saying is. From birth until they are in school and even after that. We teach them everything.

They look to us to teach them how to eat, to why the sun is so bright and everything in between. To you’re child you are all knowing. When something isn’t working, when they don’t understand, when they just need an answer. You are who they run too, who they know will have the answer they need.

Now, this can be a downfall. Because, well we are human we don’t know everything about everything. However, Google does. When my kids ask me something and I don’t know, we together ask google. It’s important to help your children find the answer the questions they’ve asked (With in reason there’s some question I’m not ready to answer like “but mommy how did the baby come out of your belly” not something I’m quite ready to tell my six year old. So I lie, and as I explain in Sometimes I lie to my kids. That’s okay.)

After all that being said, you are human so sometimes you can’t help but get be thrown off by the chaos. I’m not saying you always have to appreciate it. I’d be Hypocrite if I said you did because, I don’t always love it. Being overwhelmed happens, it happens to the best of us. It’s in these times though we need to breathe and look at it in a different light.

Embrace the noise it won’t be there forever.

Join in on the on the floor and pick up a toy. One day they will stop asking you to play.

Answer all the questions, because one day they will think they know it all.

Embrace the chaos for what it is.

It’s golden.

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10 thoughts on “The golden chaos.

  1. From someone that is almost completely on the other side of this, YES take the time to enjoy it! The mess and chaos will always be there but time is a thief and even though people told me several times it goes by too quickly you never realize how quickly it does until you live it.


  2. Its so hard to stop and slow down to embrace the noise but such a great reminder. I have a 1 and 3 year old with another on the way and it can get crazy so I needed this reminder!


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